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Spread Happiness & Joy with #BagOfJoy.


My First #BagOfJoy

Today on 31st December Eve I am excited and happy to initiate #BagOfJoy Campaign by filling My Bag Of Joy with good condition clothes, handbags and few eatables.

I will keep it with me on my way to office or whenever commuting on slightly longer distances with opportunity to help someone.

I pledge to share stuff from this bag if I find someone needy on my way.

The inspiration behind this campaign is a friend to whom I saw practicing this. She does this with her daughter to encourage her for sharing and helping others.

And her six years daughter’s words,”Mumma, if everyone will share things, everyone will have everything” touched me.
Let’s come together to create a world where everyone should have basic things if not everything.


Selfie with My #BagOfJoy

I will be glad if I am able to inspire you to join this campaign. And if you do so, please feel free to share your joyous moments and pictures or selfies with me on or . Invite your friends to participate and let the World become a better place for everyone.

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