5 Steps to Participate in #BagOfJoy Social Campaign


1) Anyone can take part in #BagOfJoy

2) Take a bag and fill it with good condition clothes including woolens, bedsheets, bags and eatables or things which you want to donate. You can also keep notebooks, pencils, school bags in the #BagOfJoy for kids.

3) Find recipients.

Deserving Recipients

  • Women & Kids on red lights (please don’t give it to lazy beggars),
  • rickshaw pullers,
  • old laborers,
  • maids,
  • kids working for chai walas (tea shops),
  • our own building/society guards

are few of the deserving recipients. You can also go to old age homes, orphanages but must be reliable organizations.

4) Click selfie with your Bag Of Joy. Handover stuff to the recipient, click picture or shoot a video.

5)  Send it to us on https://www.facebook.com/MyBagOfJoy/ and nominate your friends on social media to continue the chain with the hashtag #BagOfJoy.

Photos will inspire others to do it. So please do click pictures and don’t feel shy sharing them on social media.

#BagOfJoy doesnot collect funds. It is a campaign to motivate people for giving and experience the joy behind giving.

For more details, please log on to https://www.facebook.com/MyBagOfJoy/ or email us to mybagofjoy@gmail.com